Is It Okay To Wash Hunting Clothes in a Washing Machine at Home – See More Bucks

Is It Okay To Wash Hunting Clothes in a Washing Machine at Home

Don’t Do It!

At least not until you find out what your wife uses in your family washing machine at home.

If she uses scented detergent and/or scented fabric softener, don’t ever wash your hunting clothes in the same washing machine.


Open the lid, stick your head in there, and take good whif. Ask yourself if you want to smell like that out the woods.

You can only imagine how many deer have smelled the flowery aroma left in hunting clothes after they have been washed in the family washing machine. It doesn’t matter how much you rinse them, and no, it won’t disappear in the dryer either.

The only 2 options I had was to buy another washing machine or wash my clothes by hand with unscented detergent. This is a pain!

What’s worse is that it’s not just your hunting clothes, but also your layers of regular clothes underneath as well. An even bigger pain!

Even if you can get your wife to switch to using unscented products, you will still have to virtually take your washing machine apart to eliminate all the old build-up.

Good luck with that.

I don’t know what the best solution is for you. Only you know that.

I just want to make you aware of something that is widely over-looked by most hunters as it was by me before Jim and Jake pointed it out to me last year.

Here’s a quick video I shot to show you a washing machine using scented products.


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