Is Scent Control a Bunch of Nonsense? – See More Bucks

Is Scent Control a Bunch of Nonsense?

Is Scent Control a Bunch of Nonsense?

Scent Control for DeerWhether you think using good scent control is a waste of time or not, one thing is certain….deer use their nose as their #1 defense to avoid predators.

The frustrating thing about scent is you can’t see it, and you can’t smell traces of it like a deer can.

Hunters get scent busted by deer they never see more than they realize.

Scent elimination sprays and clothing are one of the most misunderstood hunting products when it comes to solving the problem they were designed for in the first place.

It’s not the responsibility of the manufacturers of scent elimination products to educate the hunting public.

For instance, you could take a bath in a tub of scent elimination liquid, wash all your carbon clothing with scent killer soap, but if you wear the same belt you wear all year long, or take your everyday wallet with you to your stand, or carry the same camera case you lugged around during the hot summer, or worse yet, wear the same boots you scout and hang stands with, you will still get busted by a deer downwind. And probably a lot further away than you think.

Can you totally eliminate your human odor in the woods?


But you can minimize it to the point where deer do not freak out and blow the alarm as they hightail it into the next county.

It takes more than simply showering, wearing scent-free clothes and a few quick squirts of elimination sprays like you see guys on TV do on their way out to their stands after getting fully dressed in their camo inside the lodge…boots and all.

Don’t get me started on that one.

Here’s a 2-part video about scent control you simply won’t ever see on TV.

Part 1 is the brutal truth most hunters don’t want to admit.

Part 2 is what we use to become as scent-free as possible to regularly get close to mature bucks.

Here’s to better hunting through plan and design.

Jake and Randy

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