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April 22 Webinar – More Important Than Disking and Tilling

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​It’s been way too long since the last webinar. I apologize for that. All the rescheduling of property visits in February due to bad weather created a log jam in March and April. That left no time in the office to create webinars. I really miss creating them and sharing with […]

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March 23 Webinar – Even Big Properties in Illinois Need Some Tweaking

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​Rule of thumb:If you can “consistently” shoot 1-2 year old bucksin high hunting pressured areas, you can shoot 3-4year old bucks in low hunting pressured states.But what if a big property in southern Illinois haslots of hunting pressure every year?Does the same rule apply?Apparently not for a […]

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March 12 Webinar – Big Timber vs Big Harvest

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review Was on a couple large properties down south last week where you think it would have been warmerthan in MI. ​Not quite. Still below freezing at night with a little snow. These 2 properties were in different stages of habitat types for attracting and holding mature whitetails. One was big timber. The […]

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Feb 28 Webinar – Big Factors Between Success and Frustration

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​Just a quick email with a link to the latest webinar.After seeing a handful of the same hunting strategies and practices causing frustration on properties around the Midwest, I figured it may be more common than I thought.So this webinar is pointing out how to eliminatesome of […]

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Feb 16 Webinar – Strategies For Extreme Limited Access Parcels

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​From a deer hunter’s point of view, some properties are easier to hunt than others.Some can actually have too many big hills that thermals and unpredictable winds make hunting almost impossible.​Another big disadvantage is limited access.That was the case on a property I was on recently that […]

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Clone of Dec 10 Webinar – Fixing a Nocturnal Buck Property

[fwdevp preset_id=”9″ video_path=”″ poster_path=””]     Checking trailcams after the gauntlet of firearm season can be just as exciting as the early season because it gives you a chance to see which bucks made it through alive. And chances are if you catch them on your cams in December, they have a very good chance […]

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