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Aug 30 Webinar – Making Box Blinds Disappear

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​​Labor Day usually marks the end of the habitat consulting season. Most landowners are ​staying off their properties until opening day. 2019 was another very busy year. I met a lot of new clients who are some of the nicest people ​you could ever work with. Very passionate and driven to improve […]

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Aug 12 Webinar – Transforming a 35 Acre Deer Desert

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​The countdown to opening day is getting real. Hopefully it doesn’t sneak up on you so you’re left scrambling. In this webinar I cover a few different topics. I explain a new habitat plan for a 35 acre deer desert,how to deal with foresters and loggers who don’tunderstand your goal […]

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July 30 Webinar – Best Food Plot Planting Dates

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​Every food plotter wants his plots to be at peak attraction during the hunting season. Definitely not before the opener. But if you plant some seeds too early, theycould mature and grow a seed head whichis less than ideal. ​Different states have different planting datesfor different varieties of plants. ​This webinar […]

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July 9 Webinar – No Till – Before and After Results

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​Social media is flush with food plot pics and videosin the summer and chain saw work in the winter. Rarely do you see followup before and after photosside-by-side to see what the results were.In this webinar I show before and after photos and video clips of 4 projects […]

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June 10 Webinar – Stepping Up Hunting Strategies for 2019

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​With the 4th of July only 3 weeks away, we need to seriously look at how many weekendswe have left to wrapup our habitat work for 2019. Included in that work is moving or adding blindsand treestands based on our observations fromlast year’s hunts, trailcam intel and scouting. In […]

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May 24 Webinar – A Plan to Decrease Hunting Pressure on 30 Acres

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​​​Rain, Rain, and more Rain. Many parts of the Midwest have seen record rainfall amounts already. Some farmers just got their fields planted this week and then received 4″-5″ a couple days later. Ouch! Jake just got his food plots planted today. So that means a long dry spell is about to […]

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May 7 Webinar – Feeding a Dozen Deer 365 on a Small Plot

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​​One of the most popular questions about food plots is “What’s the best thing to grow in my food plot to attract deer?” That is a loaded question with no ​solution until you can answer 5 other questions first. How big is the plot? What’s the purpose of the plot….killing […]

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April 30 Webinar – Big Ohio Habitat Plan With 17 Food Plots

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review ​​There’s only one way to plant 17 food plots by yourself on a big property you don’t live on.By working smart. Not hard.Having the right equipment doesn’t hurt either.That’s what a landowner in Ohio discovered last year after trying it the hard way for a couple years.You […]

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