Why Do So Many Mature Bucks Live on Jake’s Small MI Property? – See More Bucks

Why Do So Many Mature Bucks Live on Jake’s Small MI Property?

Why Do So Many Mature Bucks Live on Jake’s Small MI Property?

Do you have any uncles or brash brothers-in-law that know everything there is to know about deer hunting?

Me too.

Funny thing is…their hunting woes always seem to be somebody else’s fault.

I chuckle whenever they hear how many bucks Jake sees on his small 60 acre property 
in one hunting season.

Daytime Buck MovementIt’s almost hard to believe.

Last year it was 87.

And for sure 42 of them were different bucks.

That’s not a typo.

I know what you’re thinking…there’s something special about Jake’s land that makes it unique from most other properties.

Well there is now, but not when he bought it over 30 years ago.

Jake started improving the habitat on his property long before it was even a thought for most landowners.

He experimented with a lot of different strategies.

Some worked, some didn’t.

There was no QDMA or internet back then.

He was on his own.

There are no fences on or around Jake’s property.

The only thing surrounding his property today are brown and down hunters who sit on his property lines.

Buck ScrapeIf you visit Jake’s property, you’ll quickly see that it takes a lot of bucks to make those hundreds of scrapes and rubs.

It’s not magic. It’s called knowing what whitetails want.

And just as important, what whitetails don’t like.

Over the last 3 years, Jake and I have been teaching other landowners what they need to do to have a property like his with how-to videos filmed on his and my property.

Creating a great deer hunting property is not hard. It just takes knowing what to do.

And it definitely won’t take you 30 years like it did Jake.

For most hunters, it only takes a year or two if you follow what Jake and I teach in our videos.

Here’s a tip…whatever you see prostaffers on TV hunting shows doing to their property, don’t copy them!

Seriously. In many cases they are not doing themselves a favor.

But because they don’t hunt in high-hunting pressured areas like you, it doesn’t prevent them from shooting big bucks.

If they implemented what Jake and I teach in our videos, they would never struggle to get more than enough great video footage for their TV shows and DVDs.

And if you implement what we suggest, you’ll have the kind of hunting property you’ve always wanted for you and your kids.

Check out this video of why there’s nothing special about Jake’s property, and why you can do the same to your land.

I really hope these videos spur your desire to take action and improve the habitat on your property so you can attract and see more bucks every year.

Til next time, here’s to better hunting and seeing more bucks through plan and design.

Jake and Randy

Jake and Randy

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