Top 10 Reasons Mature Bucks Move Around During the Day – See More Bucks

Top 10 Reasons Mature Bucks Move Around During the Day

Can you list all the reasons why mature bucks move around on your property during the day of the hunting season?

There’s a lot more reasons than just feeding and chasing girls.

Knowing all the movement forces and when they’ll take place ahead of time will help you stack the odds in your favor instead of relying on hope and luck. Here’s a list of 10 of the more popular reasons big bucks will get on their feet and move around. These are in no particular order:

  • Storm fronts….sudden change in barometric pressure
  • Solar/Lunar activity….timing of the sun and moon
  • Cold Fronts….sudden temperature drops
  • Hunger for food
  • Thirst for water especially in hot weather
  • Searching for estrus does
  • Tending does while breeding
  • Marking territory after precipitation quits
  • Defending territory from rival bucks
  • Getting bumped by predators…hunters, coyotes, etc

Some of the forces listed above happen without warning and there’s no way to capitalize on them ahead of time. Other forces are a little more predictable by watching weather forecasts for changes coming in the weather. But one of the forces can be predicted years in advance. The Solar/Lunar activity.

You have probably seen the fishing time tables published in magazines that list the best times for fish to be feeding. These are based on the So/Lunar calendar. The same holds true for whitetails and most creatures in the animal world.

Most of us probably have a brother-in-law or relative who already knows all about deer hunting. Just ask him. Many of them will look you in the eye while standing with their chest out, hands on their hips, mustache raised in the air, and proclaim those hunting calendars are a bunch of BS.

Bill Vale has heard and read that many times. He just grins and thinks of the 34 trophy mature bucks he has in his trophy room, and how he killed many of them by knowing when and where to be in a treestand based on the years of exhaustive research he has done for his so/lunar calendar. Bill has cross-referenced hundreds of trailcam pics to his so-lunar times as well as the information available on the weather underground website.

For many years, Bill did his research all year long, even before there were trailcams. Whitetail research consumed his life and almost cost him everything. Since then he has written a very detailed 500 page book on hunting high-pressured whitetails in southern Michigan and produces his so-lunar calendar every year.

Today many hunters plan their time off work and hunting trips according to Bill’s calendar. Does every hunter always kill a nice buck? No.

Bill’s calendar is not an “Easy” button shortcut that will have you seeing and shooting big bucks whenever his calendar says it’s good hunting. Instead it’s designed to stack the odds in the hunter’s favor.

Outside of the pre-rut, rut, and post-rut, there are definitely certain days of the month that are less productive for seeing mature bucks than other days. Knowing which days to avoid is huge and maximizing your times on stand is not only smart hunting, it helps to keep your hunting pressure down, and you’ll hunt the right stands on the right days when you understand the principles behind the research.

So the more movement factors listed above that you combine with Bill’s hunting calendar on a given day, the more odds you will stack in your favor to shooting a mature buck. Bill’s hunting moon calendar is available on his website in printed form or you can download a pdf of it online by clicking here.

WAS does not profit by promoting Bill’s book or calendar. We simply want to pass along good information that we believe all WAS readers can benefit from. However, since Randy helps Bill with his website, Randy will receive a small percentage of some the sales on Bill’s site. Just so you know.

In the video below, Bill explains how to use the October 2013 page of his calendar.



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