Why You Don’t Want To Mow a CRP Field To Create One Big Food Plot For Deer – See More Bucks

Why You Don’t Want To Mow a CRP Field To Create One Big Food Plot For Deer

By Randy VanderVeen

Why_You_Should_Never_Mow_a_CRP_Field_For_DeerNo! Stop! Don’t do it!
You’re going to ruin your hunting property if you do.
That’s what you should say to any hunter who is about to mow his big overgrown CRP field.

You have to admit, CRP fields don’t look very beneficial for deer from a food point of view compared to soybeans, but CRPs are awesome for providing security from hunters, predators and frisky bucks. Most deer hunters would agree that CRP fields are great for pheasant habitat, but they don’t carry that mentality to whitetails. Why is that?

There is so much focus on attracting and feeding deer with food plots, supplements, minerals, and other magical products in bags advertised on TV, that security cover is seldom talked about. But experienced successful hunters know that the property with the best daytime bedding cover has a huge advantage over property with mostly food and little bedding cover. Way too many hunters don’t even know where deer spend their time during the day bedded down.

Bedding cover is not as sexy as roasted corn crush in a fancy bag with a picture of a cute couple posing with their monster Iowa bucks. But then Iowa is a lot different than the high-hunting pressured state of Michigan where I hunt. What works in IA usually doesn’t work in MI.

In MI it’s all about security from the army of hunters, and hunting with as little negative impact or pressure as possible on your property.

The video below was filmed during a recent hunting trip in Ohio on a piece of private property with lots of hunting pressure as we found out after a couple days. This once awesome ground with lots of mature bucks running around during the seeking phase of the rut, was now being hammered by lots of hunters who literally pressured most of the deer into a huge standing corn field off the property to the south.

One of the hunters thought he would mow down and remove a great CRP field crossing for deer under a set of power lines. In the video I explain why this was a bad idea and what he should have done instead.


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