You have to know where your deer are bedding? – See More Bucks

You have to know where your deer are bedding?

Is Your Property a 5-Star Whitetail Resort or a Motel 6?

Making Buck BedsYou know you’re a habitat freak when you enjoy improving the habitat on your property more than hunting itself.

You can do it 8 months out of the year, Jan-Aug, and without fretting about your lack of scent control.

September is the only month to stay out of the deer woods, and Oct-Dec is for hunting…at least in MI.

Talk about a year around hobby, sport, or activity to get your outdoor addiction fix.

It really is frustrating to hear other hunters talk about not seeing a lot of deer while hunting on their property.

Especially when they take their kids hunting and get skunked.

Is it any wonder why many kids become disinterested in deer hunting and rather play video games?

They’re the future of our sport and the ones who will fight the anti-hunters and gun control idiots trying to put an end to our passion.

This is one of the reasons why Jake and I started filming and documenting everything we do on our properties for the last 2 years…because there is such a huge need for understanding true whitetail behavior in high-hunting pressure areas like where you and I hunt.

Landowners have more control over their hunting success than they realize. It’s about giving deer what they want.

Creating an awesome place for deer to live and grow to maturity. A place they feel so secure from other hunters that they’ll spend all their time during daylight hours of the hunting season on your property.

You know what that means…you see a lot more deer while hunting.

Unfortunately, too many hunters and landowners fall victim to the false reality seen on most TV hunting shows filmed in the lightly-hunted big buck states in the corn belt.

Even though most hunters in the midwest and eastern states realize that hunting in Iowa and Kansas is way different from where they hunt, hunters still copy what they see on TV because they don’t understand the different survival needs of pressured whitetails vs unpressured whitetails.

They might as well be two totally different species.

Jake has been improving deer habitat for 30 years and is a full time whitetail habitat consultant. That means he travels around the midwest to the properties of land owners who want to improve their deer habitat and layout in order to have more hunting success and enjoyable hunting seasons.

Jake can flatout transform a frustrating hunting property into a little slice of Iowa. Provided the landowner is willing to hunt it correctly.

In many of our member videos, Jake goes into detail showing how to create deer beds, buck beds, travel corridors, small micro food plots, and the methods to hunt a property the right way.

Some of the emails and phone calls we get from habitat members who saw their first 3.5 year old buck on their transformed property is very satifying.

This is how to get frustrated hunters and kids hooked on deer hunting?

Lisa VanderVeen Doe 2009It’s simple…..make sure they see lots of deer while hunting!

You cannot rely on hope and luck when hunting with your kids.

It takes predictable deer movement.

And that means you have to control where the deer are bedding during the day.

Have you heard this saying before?…..

“The hunting property with the best daytime bedding cover holds a big advantage over other properties that have very little.”


Because if mature bucks spend their day bedded on your property, you hold all the cards on controlling what they do when they get up out their bed at the end of the day.

So if the habitat on your property is setup the right way, you can keep bucks busy on your property until it gets dark,
leaving your neighbors without a shot at them.

So how do you keep bucks busy on your property?

By creating multiple bedding areas for does on different areas of your property which forces bucks to have to get up on their feet and physically check all of them.

But you’ll also need secure travel routes for the bucks so they’ll feel safe enough to move around during shooting hours.

And if you create primary scrape areas and small isolated food plots surrounded by thick cover, bucks will also have to scope these areas out as well in order to check on does and other competing bucks.

This means bucks will be moving around on your property longer during daylight hours which allows you to see more deer and gives you a better chance of getting a shot at them.

There are a few other things you’ll need to do to your property to make this happen, and I’ll talk about that in an upcoming email and video.

In the meantime, how open is your woods?

open woods 3If it’s open to the point where you can see more than 100 yards, then big bucks simply do not feel safe moving through those woods during daylight hours.

As far as big bucks are concerned, it might as well be an open field.

So how do you fix this problem?

By doing something most landowners never even consider.

It can be done in one afternoon, but most guys don’t how to do it.

It’s called hinge cutting trees.

You may have seen it. It’s when a tree is cut about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through, and then pulled down or falls over on its own.

The benefit for deer is instant cover. Just like bass like to be around structure in water, deer like the same thing.

And these trees can stay alive for years and years.

It also provides a ton of food where before all that food was 50′ above the deer.

Yes….deer like to eat most tree leaves and their woody browse in the winter.

You can quickly turn a woods from 200 lbs of food per acre to 2,000 lbs per acre or more.

But before you go out and start hinge cutting trees, you need to know there are different ways and purposes for hinge cutting.

Such as bedding areas, secure travel corridors, visual screens, impassable barriers, feeding areas.

Each of these purposes involves hinge cutting differently. If you get this wrong you will kick yourself later.

Remember… can only cut a tree once.

In the video below, Jake shows you his pockets of hinge cuts in an open high-canopy woods and why deer gravitate to an area of hinge cuts within hours after cutting.

I hope these videos help you see that most deer hunting properties are not setup for daytime deer movement.

Every property needs improvement.

Hopefully you improve your property before your neighbor does.

Here’s to better hunting through plan and design

Jake and Randy

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