Deer Habitat Strategies You Just Don’t See On TV – See More Bucks

Deer Habitat Strategies You Just Don’t See On TV

Habitat Strategies You Just Don’t See on TVWatching TV Hunting Shows


Jake and I are glad you took the time to check out our video and that you trust us enough to want to see more of our habitat strategies which we feel every deer hunting landowner will benefit from.

We value the time you give us and we don’t take it lightly.

There’s a lot of other hunting related info and videos online you could watch.

Most of them are of people a lot more popular and entertaining than we are.

But that’s okay. We’re not prostaffers for anybody. We don’t want to go down that road.

We just want to be the most helpful and informative for the average hunter who hunts in high-pressured states like MI, PA, or NY.

Popular hunting shows treat you like you’re naive by claiming their sponsor’s products are what you need to take a home a trophy buck.

But it’s not just your money…’s your hopes and dreams they’re messing with.

Worst of all, they don’t tell you their lightly-hunted properties are stacked in their favor.

You get skunked……they score……thanks for watching!

The prostaffers you see on TV don’t use our radical habitat strategies to their advantage and don’t even know about them.


Because they don’t hunt in extremely high hunting pressured areas and have not been forced to be creative with manipulating their whitetail habitat in order to cause mature bucks to want to live on their property instead of a neighboring property with the same old lame habitat where bucks simply don’t feel comfortable moving around in daylight.

So, let me be really clear about what “See More Bucks” is not before we go any further.

“See More Bucks” is not about hope and luck.

It’s not about “Big Buck Night” stories like on TV.

It’s not about commercial entertainment brought to you by a couple of guys who want to sell you a bunch of hunting gear.

This site is about:
A. Educating hunters and landowners about whitetail habitat and behavior.

B. How to get mature bucks to want to live on your property.

C. How to create predictable daytime movement patterns so you can consistently shoot mature bucks year after year. Period.

In the next few days, I’m going to try to correct some common misconceptions about whitetail behavior.

Misconceptions about what whitetails prefer.

But before I do that, I want to make you a couple of promises…

1. Jake and I do not pitch sponsor’s products…no bows, no broadheads, no magical deer attractant in a bag.


We don’t make a dime from any sponsors.

2. We’ll never recommend anything we don’t already use ourself. We might tell you some interesting stories, but they’ll all be about how you can attract and see more mature bucks via PLAN AND DESIGN.

3. We will save you time (probably years) and money (probably thousands) and lots of common mistakes.

Those are our promises.
Those are our guarantees.

If at anytime you want to unsubscribe from getting anymore emails from us, there will always be an easy link at the bottom of each email.

Until then, keep an eye out for another email and video tomorrow about why so many mature bucks live on Jake’s small hunting property in Michigan, and why there’s no reason you can’t have an awesome hunting property like Jake.


The deer on his property are no different than the deer on your property.

You just have to know the kind of habitat they need and want…and then create it for them.

It’s like the 80/20 rule.

Some landowners who improve their habitat get 80% of it right.

But it’s the 20% that really separates a great hunting property from an average one.

Now in case you didn’t yet see the video of the common problems most deer hunting properties suffer from, be sure to watch it below.


To seeing more bucks through plan and design,

Jake and Randy

Jake and Randy

P.S. Send me an email with your biggest question about improving the deer habitat on your property.
I actually answer every email….really:-)

randy (at)

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