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Dec 18, 2018

How small of a property would you be willing to own and work on in order to have the chance a mature buck?

Some guys do it on only 20 acres. And some even less than that.

But their margin of error is tiny.

That’s the case on a small 18 acre parcel in MI where the landowner is gung-ho and committed to shooting a nice buck.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on his property for creating a habitat plan.

But after looking at an aerial photo and listening to his experiences of seeing mature bucks on his trailcams, I decided to take him on.

There have been booners shot in his rural neighborhood.

The reason is a big ole swampy lake surrounded by cattails and reed canary grass to hide from very high hunting pressure.

This webinar shows what the landowner has done so far, and the habitat plan he needs to implement to help him close the deal.

Wait til you see the size of the Rutabagas this guy grows. Soccer ball size!


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