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Dec 10, 2018

Checking trailcams after the gauntlet of firearm season can be just as exciting as the early season because it gives you a chance to see which bucks made it through alive. And chances are if you catch them on your cams in December, they have a very good chance of growing another year older by next hunting season.

This is when your own trigger restraint plays a big role in let em go, let em grow.

And if your hunting property is in a state with a very short muzzleloader season for bucks in early December, then you can get an early jump on your habitat work without much worry about pushing bucks to your neighbors to get shot.

This is the case for a landowner in MN who wanted me to come check out his property so he could get an early start on his habitat work.

He and his 2 boys already tagged out and he was ready to start the process of turning his property into a place he could attract and hold mature bucks.

They were in his area at night but he never laid his own eyes on them during the hunting season.

As is the case on many properties, there were some big changes he needed to make not only to his habitat, but also some tweaks to his hunting strategy.

Hopefully you’ll be able to take away some good ideas on both counts and apply them to your property.

After several challenges of putting this webinar together, I hope this information helps you.

Thanks for your patience.


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