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Oct 31, 2018

The last few days some landowners are starting to sit in their red stands.

If you’ve seen my habitat plans, you know what I’m talking about.

And if you’ve been disciplined enough to save your red stands until the end of October, the anticipation when walking to your first sit in a red stand can be sky high.

If you have several red stands that are still “clean” this season, then your percentages for success are much higher during this primetime in early November.

Greg, who’s property I worked on and filmed most of this summer, and his friend Steve experienced this first hand last Saturday.

Same thing with Bill who I helped work on his property the last couple years. You’ll remember he had an excavator create a barrier wall next to a new long food plot.

It sure helps to have great habitat deer love. But even the best habitat will produce average hunting results if the property is being hunted with poor or average hunting strategies.

This is one of the hardest realities for some landowners to buy into until they experience it for themselves.

But not Greg and Bill. They bought into it before it paid off for them last week. They’re never going back to their “average” ways of hunting.

This webinar shows how their new way of thinking and hunting paid off, and I cover a bit about trailing wounded deer and deciding when to back out.


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