June 10 Webinar – Stepping Up Hunting Strategies for 2019 – See More Bucks

June 10 Webinar – Stepping Up Hunting Strategies for 2019

Jan 10, 2018 – Ohio Habitat Plan Review

​With the 4th of July only 3 weeks away,
we need to seriously look at how many weekends
we have left to wrapup our habitat work for 2019.

Included in that work is moving or adding blinds
and treestands based on our observations from
last year's hunts, trailcam intel and scouting.

In this webinar I show you what I found on a
client property and how they can improve their
hunting strategy for 2019.

Plus a look at what plants to choose for a summer
cover crop in food plots.

​​​​​​​​​This unlisted video is NOT publicly available in the YouTube search results.

Episode #1 of the Food Plotters Journal Podcast

John Komp and I talk about the "5 Questions Every Food Plot Should Answer"
and explain why we started a podcast about food plots.

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Randy VanderVeen

About the Author- Randy VanderVeen hunts on small properties and public land in the Midwest. His passion is to pass along the experience and knowledge he has learned from decades of hunting pressured mature deer and their behavior through videos for hunters in high hunting pressured areas.

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