Feb 28, 2018 – Deer Love Edge and Diversity | See More Bucks

Feb 28, 2018 – Deer Love Edge and Diversity

Illinois used to be called the land of the Giants.
Not everyone in Illinois agrees with that anymore.

More pressure and shrinking parcel sizes have something to do with that.

But it’s still not close to the high pressure found in a lot of other states.

Southern Illinois still has lots of world class bucks.

And when you have 200+ acres of great habitat there and the motivation to mold it into a great hunting property, it’s going to produce Giants.

This is the case for a landowner there I visited in January. But right now his property lacks diversity.

He has 2 different monocultures on the same property which makes it very difficult to hunt.

In this week’s webinar, I show what he can do to make his property more huntable and predictable.

If you know you need to make improvements to your hunting property but you’re not sure where to start, contact Randy.

Randy’s info: www.StrategicHabitat.com or randy@seemorebucks.com

Randy VanderVeen

About the Author- Jake Ehlinger and Randy VanderVeen live and hunt on small properties in southern Michigan. Their passion is to pass along the experience and knowledge they have learned from decades of hunting pressured mature deer and their behavior through videos for hunters in high hunting pressured areas.