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April 21 – Choosing the Right Plants for Your Plots



So far this month has been one of the coldest Aprils on record in the northern tier states.

Greenup will be a little later this year than normal.

Great time to plan out your food plot plantings this year and get some soil samples done.

In this week’s webinar, John Komp from Northwoods Whitetails Food Plot Seed talks about soil tests and using the right plants and tools to build up poor soils and almost eliminate the use for using herbicides on your plots.

We also talk about how Larry in PA can use John’s food plot strip planting method.

As a bonus, I included another video of John explaining his food plot strip system on 906 Outdoor’s “Discovering” Show in northern MI.


If you know you need to make improvements to your hunting property but you’re not sure where to start, contact Randy.

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Randy VanderVeen

About the Author- Jake Ehlinger and Randy VanderVeen live and hunt on small properties in southern Michigan. Their passion is to pass along the experience and knowledge they have learned from decades of hunting pressured mature deer and their behavior through videos for hunters in high hunting pressured areas.