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July 13 Webinar – A Day With a Forestry Mulcher

So last week I said a forestry mulcher was coming to Greg’s property. And it did. After a day of blazing trails through some of the thickest nastiest vegetation around, Greg’s property is going to hunt WAY different and a lot more predictable this Fall. It would be great to have and run one of […]

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June 25 Webinar – Feeding Deer 365 Days a Year

  The days are getting shorter and hotter. It’s that time of year of watching the forecast for cooler less humid days in order to create some more habitat features with a chainsaw. This week is the wrap up webinar on the no-till 3 strip food plot system to feed deer 365 days a year. […]

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June 1 Webinar – No Till, No Drill, No Problem

  Been busy working on plots and have another one to mow this afternoon. These are all no till and no drill food plots. This gets me excited because I’m finding that minimal equipment is all you need to create great no-till plots with cover crops. Just a few principles to follow and a little […]

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May 25 Webinar – Better Soil – Better Food Plots

  Did you know that in a one acre food plot with healthy soil with good organic matter, there are millions of insects, microbes, and fungi that eat as much food every day as two full grown elephants? That’s a lot of natural fertilizer and minerals that creates healthy plants which feeds healthy deer. But […]

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May 18 Webinar – Wrapup on Bill’s Big Project

  Two weeks. That’s all the time Bill needed to complete his new 1/2 acre V-plot. It’s quite impressive to see such a drastic transformation in such a short time. Having said that, the way this project was tackled is not for most landowners. But Bill didn’t have all summer to work on it and […]

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May 11 Webinar – Early Results on Derek’s 40 Acres

  This webinar is about the work Derek and I did on his 40 acres early last week. His trailcams already show positive results The busy habitat planning season is starting to normalize so my schedule is allowing time to help landowners with their habitat to-do list of hinge cutting, bed building, screening, travel corridors […]

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April 30 Webinar – Big Changes on Bill’s 40 Acres

  Only 5 months til opening day of bow season. Yikes. I’ve been getting emails about the progress on Bill’s property. Not only is there progress, there’s some big changes being made. Bill is always thinking about what to do next. He’s trying to fast-forward positive results as much as he can. So he called […]

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April 21 – Choosing the Right Plants for Your Plots

    So far this month has been one of the coldest Aprils on record in the northern tier states. Greenup will be a little later this year than normal. Great time to plan out your food plot plantings this year and get some soil samples done. In this week’s webinar, John Komp from Northwoods […]

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