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May 18 Webinar – Wrapup on Bill’s Big Project

  Two weeks. That’s all the time Bill needed to complete his new 1/2 acre V-plot. It’s quite impressive to see such a drastic transformation in such a short time. Having said that, the way this project was tackled is not for most landowners. But Bill didn’t have all summer to work on it and […]

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May 11 Webinar – Early Results on Derek’s 40 Acres

  This webinar is about the work Derek and I did on his 40 acres early last week. His trailcams already show positive results The busy habitat planning season is starting to normalize so my schedule is allowing time to help landowners with their habitat to-do list of hinge cutting, bed building, screening, travel corridors […]

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April 30 Webinar – Big Changes on Bill’s 40 Acres

  Only 5 months til opening day of bow season. Yikes. I’ve been getting emails about the progress on Bill’s property. Not only is there progress, there’s some big changes being made. Bill is always thinking about what to do next. He’s trying to fast-forward positive results as much as he can. So he called […]

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April 21 – Choosing the Right Plants for Your Plots

    So far this month has been one of the coldest Aprils on record in the northern tier states. Greenup will be a little later this year than normal. Great time to plan out your food plot plantings this year and get some soil samples done. In this week’s webinar, John Komp from Northwoods […]

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March 28 – New Habitat Plan and Project on New 40 Acres

This week’s webinar is all about setting up a habitat plan and starting the work on a new 40 acre parcel in SW Michigan. My client just bought this property last summer and only hunted it a few times with little pre-scouting. And he still managed to take a decent buck the first year. You’ll […]

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March 7, 2018 – Using Software to Create Habitat Plans

  Great Screen Capture Tool – Drawing Software Program – Several members have asked me what software tools I use to create habitat plans for landowners. There’s probably a few more guys that want to know but have not asked the question. So with Spring around the corner, I figured this would be […]

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