Deer Browse on Hinge Cut Trees in Winter Like It’s Candy | See More Bucks

Deer Browse on Hinge Cut Trees in Winter Like It’s Candy

Jake and I were lot doing some chain saw work a few days ago and Jake came up with the idea of documenting how important woody browse is to deer in winter.

We dropped a good sized maple tree all alone about 100 yards from where we were doing the rest of the hinge cutting.

The top had hundreds of buds, now brought down to the ground. Jake said “Jim you ought to put a trail camera up here.” The rest is history.

It is simply unbelievable how attractive these buds are to deer. The first deer showed up 1.5 hours after I set the camera. I came back 5 days later to find I had chased off a deer, and that they had been feeding on it constantly throughout the previous 5 days.

These deer are not starving. They are fat and healthy. But putting a maple top down is like driving an ice cream truck into a park full of kids.

It is unbelievable how much they love fresh buds.

Below is a video showing what we did and all the deer activity that followed.

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