Mature Deer feel Safe When You use Strategic Habitat Management

Mature Deer feel Safe When You use Strategic Habitat Management

Recently I saw a question on social media posted by a MI hunter that stopped me in my tracks.

He wanted to know what mineral he should use to draw deer in and what setting to use on his grunt call.

Those are questions about tactics…not strategies.

What’s the difference?

Tactics are what you see being pitched in TV commercials and during hunting shows.

The newest bionic corn craze in a bag, the 17 in one grunt call, the big secret 100% pure doe-in-heat buck lure…shhh don’t tell anyone.

So in an effort to level the playing field, hunters plunk down some dinero and try these out.

You guessed it. Same old results.


Because these tactics don’t address the real problems most hunters face.
– Not enough secure cover on their property.
– A big open woods that suppresses deer movement during daylight hours.
– Treestands on the edge of food plots
– Bedding is too far away from food
– No screening to hide hunter’s access to and from stand sites.
– Poor scent control etc…

All the tactics in the world will not fix these problems.Buck_Eating_Tree_Leaves

But habitat strategies will.

They’re a lot cheaper and you won’t see them in any advertisements because they require hunters to learn a few things about deer behavior.

Tactics are more fun and TV-friendly. Other than food plots, habitat strategies are boring to many hunters.

So while many guys are prepping their food plots and hanging trailcams, I’ve been doing that as well as hinge cutting over 2,000 trees on my
50 acre hunting property in northern MI.

I’m creating deer beds, travel corridors, staging areas, screening,and surrounding my food plots with hinge cut trees to reduce visibility.

It’s now a destination property for deer while my neighbor’s is still a passthrough property.

How bout your hunting property?

Want to see some easy examples of how to make your property more of a destination than a passthrough?

Check out the video below and leave a comment or question: