Summer Habitat Work Pays Off | See More Bucks

Summer Habitat Work Pays Off

Many of you WAS members probably remember my video of prepping and planting the small in the woods food plot back in August. This is a small plot located out on the end of a peninsula next to a wetland crossing. Well after burning, disking and planting the rains did come slow at first but lately once a week or so. Growth has been good so about 10 days ago I placed my game camera on it to see what I would get. Each year when I do a number of different habitat improvements I’m always optimistic to how the deer use and frequent areas they didn’t have before, and this “micro” food plot is no different.


Here’s a refresher of the process, burn the dead debris, disk and seed, new growth a week old.

Game cameras can be hot and cold; the anticipation of what you’ve caught on camera verses the reality of often times not a lot of good photos or any good bucks, but every once and a while you get some unexpected photos so when I pushed the card into my computer last Thursday seeing I had over 450 photos in just one week had me wondering just what I would see.

I did get plenty of does, fawns and many young bucks but about halfway through the series of photos I got a nice surprise of a family group of antlerless deer feeding and intently watching two bucks posturing in the background. Over a series of 5-6 photos these two bucks ended up putting their heads together and sparring right in front of the camera. The one larger buck I believe is a good looking 2-1/2 year old and has a nice tall 9-point rack the other buck is a 1-1/2 year old 6-point.


First photo the audience looks on as the two boy’s posture ears back on the young one, second photo their sparring as the young one watches from a safe distance.

I found that all kinds of creatures are using this small food plot right now turkeys and squirrels seem to enjoy it as much as the local deer are.


A Nice flock of turkeys work this food plot over and a fox squirrel moves across the plot as well.

What I liked about what I saw was all the daytime photos of does, fawns and bucks as well coming into this plot with regularity.