Small Deer Food Plots Better than One Big Plot

5 Big Reasons a Few Small Food Plots Is Better Than One Big Plot.

Everybody has seen the big food plots fill up with deer on TV.

I have to admit, it is fun to watch several deer feeding in front of you while on stand several yards away. It’s even more fun when one of those deer is a mature buck checking out his girls.

But if you hunt deer in areas of lots of hunter pressure, you will need to setup your plots differently than what you see on TV, and create several small size food plots.

Here’s 5 reasons why.

buck in small food plot1. The most obvious reason is mature bucks won’t wander out into a big one acre food plot during daylight or legal shooting hours. Yes, one acre is a big food plot. Mature bucks in high pressure areas are a whole different type of animal than the bucks you see on TV in low pressure states like Iowa and Kansas.

A real small or “micro” food plot the size of only 1/10th of an acre, that is surrounded with good cover for deer, has a much better chance of being visited by a mature buck during daylight hours.

2. If you have multiple doe family groups living in your area, they probably won’t tolerate each other in the same plot. This will cause them to come out to the food plot one doe family at a time at the end of the day. Having multiple plots will have them all coming out at the same time. This will help get the mature buck on his feet earlier since he’s the only one left in the bedding area.

3. Now that there is more than one food plot with deer in them,  the bucks can no longer walk to the edge of one big plot and check out everything he wants to know with one glance. He now has to travel from one plot to the next. This causes him to spend more time on your property before he goes to your neighbor’s property and possibly gets shot.

4. It’s much easier to plant a small micro food plot than one big plot. Especially if you can’t get any power equipment into the plots. It’s less inexpensive because you don’t have to buy as much lime, fertilizer, and seed. Plus you can easily plant different seeds in each plot to motivate deer to browse from plot to plot and always provide different foods that peak at different times of the hunting season.

5. Another big benefit is that you create for yourself multiple stand locations due to multiple deer travel routes. You won’t burn out a single food plot which many hunters do before the pre-rut even kicks in. You can also hunt the plots that have the most attractive food in them at different times of the season.

There are more benefits to having multiple small food plots, but these are strategies you won’t see or hear about from most “habitat experts.”That’s because in many areas, hunters don’t have to get creative and try to stay a few steps ahead of the deer they are trying to shoot.

So if you’re hunting in an area of high hunting pressure, make sure you are following the advice of someone who is in the same boat you are and is still successful in consistently taking mature bucks.