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Mature Deer feel Safe When You use Strategic Habitat Management

Recently I saw a question on social media posted by a MI hunter that stopped me in my tracks. He wanted to know what mineral he should use to draw deer in and what setting to use on his grunt call. Those are questions about tactics…not strategies. What’s the difference? Tactics are what you see being pitched in TV commercials and during hunting shows. The newest bionic corn craze in a bag, the 17 in one grunt call, the big secret 100% pure doe-in-heat buck lure…shhh don’t tell anyone. So in an […]

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Summer Habitat Work Pays Off

Many of you WAS members probably remember my video of prepping and planting the small in the woods food plot back in August. This is a small plot located out on the end of a peninsula next to a wetland crossing. Well after burning, disking and planting the rains did come slow at first but […]

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Deer Reaction To Trail Cameras

It’s been a busy last few weeks for me and most fellow habitat junkies like us here at WAS, getting the late season food plots planted and trying to time them with the rain or moisture that’s in the ground can be and especially this year is a challenge. But I sit here this morning […]

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