How To Create and Groom Deer Trails in a Whitetail Sanctuary | See More Bucks

How To Create and Groom Deer Trails in a Whitetail Sanctuary

Have you ever heard a deer hunter say, “I never enter my deer sanctuary.”

Well if you’re fortunate enough to have a deer sanctuary, the worst thing you can do is to never go in it.

Why? Because trees break and fall causing deer trails to become dead ends. New trees and brush grow fast enough to block trails within 1 growing season. This can totally change a sanctuary to the point where the hunter no longer knows where the deer prefer to enter and exit, or worse, could cause the deer to abandon their hideout altogether. Now the hunter risks wasting part of his hunting season trying to figure out what’s going on. Hunting season is too short to be figuring out deer movement.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to know where deer prefer traveling on your property for the next several years so you can create a predictable opportunity to shoot mature bucks year after year? Absolutely!

The way to do that is to only allow deer to travel where you want them to on certain areas of your property. This is easily done in sanctuary. If you don’t have a sanctuary, you can create one. Don’t know how? We have lot’s of videos showing you how.

In the meantime, Jim shows you how to maintain and groom deer trails in a whitetail sanctuary in this video.