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QDMA Invites WAS to Give a Hinge Cut Demonstration at Their National Convention.

Posted in Hinge Cutting Trees by admin Tagged , , , Leave a comment

Jim Brauker and Jake Ehlinger presented a workshop on hinge cutting at the Quality Deer Management Association’s National Convention.  The workshop covered the basics of safety and control as well as fundamentals of the 3 main types of hinge cutting for deer habitat.  Bedding, Barriers, and Transitional Zones. This demonstration was done on QDMA’s property Read More

Great Deer Habitat and Scent Control Makes For Less Hunting Pressure and More Deer Sightings

Posted in Early Season Bowhunting by admin Tagged , Leave a comment

A lot of hunters can tell you why they see less deer while hunting as the season progresses. The most common answer is “Hunting pressure causes deer to go nocturnal.” But not as many hunters can tell you how to decrease this problem of hunting pressure. Many believe it’s decreasing the number of times they Read More

Why You Don’t Want To Mow a CRP Field To Create One Big Food Plot For Deer

Posted in CRP Fields, Deer Habitat Management, Hunting Property Design by admin Tagged , , Leave a comment

By Randy VanderVeen No! Stop! Don’t do it! You’re going to ruin your hunting property if you do. That’s what you should say to any hunter who is about to mow his big overgrown CRP field. You have to admit, CRP fields don’t look very beneficial for deer from a food point of view compared Read More

Deer Hunting Property Design to Control Young Buck Harassment and Doe Movements

Posted in Habitat Plan, Hunting Property Design by admin Tagged , , , Leave a comment

Watching deer from the barn. I love to sit up in my barn, where I have a picture window in the second story, and watch deer behavior behind the house. It is amazing what you can learn by watching their behavior and how they use the property. In this video I document a doe and Read More

Perseverance: The Key to Success When The Hunt Does Not Go As Planned

Posted in Doe Hunting, Early Season Bowhunting by admin Tagged , , Leave a comment

By Jim Brauker October 1, 2013 Every year I try to harvest a doe during the first few days of antlerless season. I like to get one in before I start serious buck hunting. But the problem is that being a small property hunter, if I make a mistake, and a deer makes it to Read More

Mentally Preparing For The Hunt; Success Begins Before We Enter The Woods!

Posted in Hunting strategy by admin Tagged , Leave a comment

by Jake Ehlinger I’ve come to realize that there are so many mental and tactical decisions I make before I finish with my scent control procedure, that I now understand that I may take many of these for granted. Because I’ve been doing this for a long time, I thought I’d do a quick over-view Read More

Top 10 Reasons Mature Bucks Move Around During the Day

Posted in Moon Phase Hunting by admin Tagged , , , , Leave a comment

Can you list all the reasons why mature bucks move around on your property during the day of the hunting season? There’s a lot more reasons than just feeding and chasing girls. Knowing all the movement forces and when they’ll take place ahead of time will help you stack the odds in your favor instead Read More

Three Decades of Deer Habitat Management – Jake Ehlinger Tells His Story of Property Transformation

Posted in Deer Habitat Management by admin Tagged 2 Comments

Improving deer habitat 30 years ago was a rare concept for owners of deer hunting property.Jake Ehlinger was a whitetail habitat pioneer in SE MI starting in the early 80′s when there were only a handful of deer in his area. Through hard work and trial and error, Jake now has multiple mature bucks living Read More