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…without Endless Advertisements for the Next Magic Formula

Dear Frustrated Hunting Property Owner,

If you live in a high pressure state like Michigan, Pennsylvania, or New York you might be wondering...

  • Why do big bucks always seem to disappear by opening day?
  • Why are they “just passing through” my property to get to my neighbor's?
  • Why have all the big bucks on my property gone nocturnal...never showing their faces when I'm hunting?
  • How are these big bucks outsmarting me on my own property?

If you're asking those questions, don't feel bad. There's certainly no shame in being out-maneuvered by these wise old bucks... but there is a solution!

See More Bucks is a step-by-step, proven methodology for turning your property into a Five Star Resort for big bucks....even if you live in a high hunting pressured state!

What the Hunting Mags, Websites and TV shows Don't Even Know

As you probably already know, 95% of your hunting success is determined by your ability to attract (and not repel) big bucks.

What you may not know, is that there is a step-by-step, proven method for transforming your property into a place mature bucks want to live.

So, why don't the magazines, blogs and TV shows tell you about this method?

Because they don't know how to do it and there's no money in it for them.

There are no sponsors lining up to say “Yes, Mr. TV Prostaffer, I'll give you thousands of dollars if you'll promote my product while you talk about transforming a hunter's property into a big buck paradise”

Why not? Because transforming your property doesn't require you to buy new gimmicky products. It's not advertising-sexy. It doesn't require shiny objects, bells and whistles or things that come in a box delivered by UPS.

It takes knowing how whitetails are wired, what their tendencies are, and how to manipulate your property to capitalize on their predictable behavior.

That's why I promise that when you watch my webinars and videos, you'll never get..

  • glorified advertisements pitching sponsor's products rather than providing useful info
  • melodramatic, suspenseful background music
  • testosterone-fueled high-fiving prostaffers after “smoking a monster
  • scenes from low-hunting-pressure states with huge numbers of big bucks that are less nocturnal.
  • disrespect for the animal, the land, or the sport

All you get from my videos is a straight-forward, step-by-step methodology for attracting and keeping more mature bucks on your property.

It's hunting by plan and design. Not wishful thinking. Not Hope. Not luck.

Plan and Design. Period.

My production values might not be as slick as those “product-pushing” TV shows, but I guarantee you the content will be 100 times more HONEST and effective!

Here's Just Some of What You'll Get When You Access the
Weekly Webinars and Videos Inside the SeeMoreBuck's Core Group
  • How to Hinge Cut Trees correctly to attract more big bucks. You only get ONE chance to cut several trees. Get it wrong and it could set your property back years! Get it right and see the deer sign increase immediately.
  • How to create bedding areas for big bucks...and be the envy of your neighbors.
  • How to create travel corridors that steer bucks exactly where you want them to go.
  • How to create visual screening barriers that allow you to access your stands undetected by does and bucks (they communicate with each other...don't think for a minute they don't!)
  • How to set up funnels, pinch points and terrain get the bucks to travel where you want them.
  • How to set up food plots for predictable buck movement...and get the bucks to use them the WHOLE hunting season!
  • Regardless of your property's characteristics, you'll know how to put them to your advantage.
  • How to use scent control, air currents and thermals to your advantage… it takes more than carbon activated clothing, scent-free sprays and "playing the wind."

"Excellent videos! It is refreshing to see info on PRESSURED whitetails like I hunt in PA.
Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to see more!"
- Andy, PA

Why Use a Step-by-Step Method for Attracting...and Keeping Big Bucks
on Your Property?

SeeMoreBucks includes tons of habitat improvement information that will encourage more daytime buck movement, but you will never be overwhelmed. That's because, when you become a Core Group member, you get all the information delivered to you in a clear and logical order, and divided up into categories along with a year around guide which tells you exactly when to implement each step.

I don't flood your inbox with ALL the information and say “Good luck swimming your way out!”

No, the steps I tell you about THIS month are the steps you need to take THIS month. Period. It's exactly what I'm doing to my client's properties at that time.

So you'll know that every single week and month you're making progress. Turning your land into a 5-star resort for big bucks. Land your hunting neighbors will envy. Land that will produce mature bucks for you and your family for many years!

Who Should NOT Sign Up for See More Bucks?
  1. If you live in a low hunting pressured state, you should not sign up for S.M.B.(And, I'm sorry if this is harsh, but if you hunt in that type of area where big bucks expose themselves in wide open fields during daylight hours of the hunting season, then you probably don’t need these hardcore habitat strategies to take home a nice buck every year.)
  2. If the cost of a cheap dinner for a membership would put a strain on your budget, then by all means, do not sign up for S.M.B. We know the economy is tough for a lot of people and financial pressures can strain family relationships.
However, If You Really Want to ...

Begin the step-by-step process of transforming your property into land that will help you consistently put big bucks on the ground...

And you don't want to pay me or some other habitat manager to come and do it for you....

And you genuinely enjoy working outdoors...

And you love the thrill of doing it yourself and seeing results...

And you're not afraid of a little elbow grease...

And you just want the right information when you need it...

...without any hype, product pitches or high-fiving prostaffers...

then S.M.B might be just what you're looking for.

No Commitment, No Contract, No Hassle...and Instant Access in
Just Minutes

How do you get started with S.M.B? It couldn't be easier.

Step One: Click the Get Instant Access button below and you'll be taken to a Register page where you fill out a short order form.

Step Two: Then you’ll be taken to a Thank You page where you will be asked to setup your username and password.

Step Three: Then you'll go right to the member's area and have instant access to your first videos and articles!

You'll get all the information on the steps to begin your property transformation!

Why continue to get frustrated every hunting season on your own property when you can take control and transform it into a property where you can see and shoot a mature buck every year? Think of all the time and money you spend on hunting gear, gas money, property taxes, working on your property, etc. (Just ask your wife). And for what? So you can continue to see and shoot small 1.5 - 2.5 year old bucks?

​Get full access to all of the webinars and videos for ​only $39/mo

My 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

Sign up for S.M.B. and if after 30 days you don't believe that what you learn is the most effective, common-sense, no-hype, step-by-step method for attracting and keeping mature bucks on your property, then I will send you a complete refund. No questions asked.

Why Am I So Confident about The S.M.B. Method?

Because I've been doing this for over 6 years now and the refund rate is 0.51%. That's less than 1%.

Not 51%. Not 5.1%. But 0.51%WAS_Chargeback_Rate

The information is so effective at helping you attract and see more bucks, that I only get asked for a refund once in a blue moon!


When you join the Core Group, you'll also get instant access to the 4 most recent webinars of the previous 4 weeks, and a new webinar for the next 4 weeks. That's 8 webinars you'll be able to watch to help you decide if the Core Group is for you within the first 30 days.


You also get access to the Habitat University video library of 80+ how-to habitat improvement techniques and ambush hunting setups. These videos are divided into 7 easy-to-digest modules.

  • ​Food Plots - How to create and plant attractive food plots bucks will actually use in daylight
  • Hinge Cutting - Learn the 3 different types of hinge cutting for different purposes
  • ​Buck and Doe Bedding Areas - ​Discover how and where to locate beds on your property​​​
  • Travel Corridors - Learn how to lead bucks to where you want them to go through security
  • Screening and Barriers - See how to ​create pinch points and funnels for predictable patterns
  • ​Hunting Setups - Discover how to use mature bucks instincts against them to get close
  • Scent Control - Learn how to be more of an invisible hunter so you don't burn out your property

These videos are not like what you see on YouTube. They're created to help landowners like you in high-hunting pressured areas understand whitetail behavior so you can setup and improve your property's habitat and hunting spots based on what mature pressured bucks naturally want to do.​

If you're not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days, just reply to my weekly email that you want a full refund. No questions asked.

Not only will you receive the webinars and videos showing you exactly how to transform your property, but you will also receive access to me via email to get your burning questions answered. And I answer every one. Really!

Get full access to all of the webinars and videos for ​$39/mo

So, click “Get Instant Access” now and we'll see you in the member's area!

PS: Today is the best day to get started. As you know, deer hunting is seasonal. Every day that passes is another day gone. Another day that could have been spent getting your property into shape. You can't do January's steps in June. You can't do August's steps in November.

So, why not make this season your best hunting season ever by getting started this month!

If you have any questions please email me at

What Members Are Saying

​Great site challenging the status quo of habitat mindset and inviting all of us along.
Thanks for the videos, tremendous information, so much to intake.
I have large hills on my 34 acre property, massive amounts of trees to cut still (150 cord est) and have not planted a single seed yet but am on board with SMB
Dave Franey - Northern MI

I just watched the new vids and man I got some work to do now. As some who are familiar with me know that I have a love hate relationship with my reed canary grass infested swamp. After watching the vids my mind can’t stop thinking of how well those methods of dropping trees and dragging them into the grass to create a travel corridor. I can’t wait until next weekend when I make it to the property. I love this stuff.
As usual great stuff.
Tom Currie - Southern MI

​Thank you, Randy.
I’ve enjoyed everything I have seen so far and the videos are quite informative. Looking forward to more.
Jeff Clem

​Open high canopy and random trails now there is only 2 parallel trails and one perpendicular trail all leading to stands.. You have shown me the tools to create a deer haven on my once mediocre NE Ohio property.
Brad Holtcamp - OH

​Any habitat improvements that you can make will be beneficial. You would be amazed what can be done with so little. Great video Randy.
Mark Smith - Southern MI

​I have 80 acres in NE Michigan that really needs some help, the canopy is starting to close off sun light. It looks good in the summer but its pretty open in the winter. My land is kind of isolated it is about a mile walk from our parking area. We use atv’s to stuff in and out but it is still not easy access. We use to see a lot of deer but now it seems like all we see are small bucks and a few does. How do I sign up? E mail me and let me know.
Tom Bleck

​Love the no till webinar Randy, just starting this method as well. This was very helpful. Looking forward to the list of plants and rotations etc.the preplanning is clearly important. I’ll be doing mostly soil builders for a couple years but looking forward to no till.
Steve DeNooyer - Northern MI

​Can't get enough of this stuff. Deer habitat is my hobby, and a great way to spend extra time outdoors. Keep them coming , I look forward to more. I am one of the small property owners (10 acres) and look forward to transforming that property into a whitetail paradise.
Thanks again,
Tom Taylor

I just purchased 20 acres in the Fenton Michigan area. I want to develop the property using your principles. I signed up for your Core Group membership.
The reason I started hunting was to harvest organic meat. If the deer are consuming chemicals then we are also consuming them when we cook them.
Can you develop videos on this topic?
Love your videos and the details in them.
Chef Marcus Haight - MI

I've learned more facts from the videos and gained wisdom from the webinars.
​I like the short informational how to videos, and I like the long detailed webinars with a narrow focus and full explanations.
Since I've adopted your hunting strategies and some of your scent control techniques, I got to encounter so many deer up close this year.  And that resulted in some scent busts.  ​
​I have had several deer cross my ground scent and it appears I've at least done pretty well with that part.
Matt Thomson - Southern MI

Great to see that you are covering the no till and organic approaches to food plotting. I've decided for many reasons to take this approach.
I'm manufacturing a do-it yourself Crimper out of a section of oil pipeline, to fit my ATV Tiller set up.
Keep up the great work! You are definitely leading the pack in what you offer.
PS – I started a QDMA Branch in the Grey Bruce area (across Lake Huron to your east.
Dave Legault - Ont. CA

Enjoyed this weeks webinar.
Working on my property plan.
Making some progress.
A question on screening. Is there a screening that would work in a shaded area? I have a tower blind in the woods that the wife uses. Put it in last year. Want to put some screening in to shield the access. Suggestions?
Thanks so much.
Richard Lyle - NY

Thought I would give you an update. After 2 years of heavy habitat work, such as hinge cutting, hidden food plots, and creating bedding, the deer activity has skyrocketed. I have bachelor groups of bucks and doe family groups staying on the property.
Love the webinars and info.
Keep up the good work.
Tom Verdino - Maryland

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